Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My first blog post!

 I usually spend my day sleeping - my favorite place is in my car seat!
 Sometimes I help put Daddy to sleep, but Mischief isn't impressed...
 This is the face my Mommy usually sees!
 I don't like having my picture taken when I am awake,
please, no more pictures!!

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  1. Oh! I am so glad you have started blogging again! Having a child changes everything, doesn't it?!
    Is your blog open to all? Did you change the blog address, because it didn't show up on my blog reading list under the old one? Whichever, I am glad to see my sweet little Mattie! So is ever so precious, dispite her pension for keeping everyone awake during the wee hours. She is just following the code that all babies follow. One day it will all change and you will wonder when that happened.
    I do see, too, that life is much different for her daddy. JT was always so hyped up before, not able to sit for a moment, now he looks like all the other daddies of newborns ~ catching a wink whenever it is possible. Mischief plays the part of leg warmer/baby observer very well!
    "The face Mommy usually sees" looks very much like her daddy, but she definately has mommy's nose! ;~P And as far as having her picture taken ~ Well, I can sympothyze. I don't like having mine taken while I am awake or asleep!
    Luv you, my darlings!